Friday, November 30, 2007

不能说的秘密... 被发现了

My whole department just came back from lunch like 30mins ago... without my boss.

It was supposed to be a secret cos it's an "internal" farewell lunch for 1 of my colleagues who's leaving next Friday. I'm going to miss her... ='(

Anyway, it was a tremendously secretive lunch. Just when we were all going out, my boss called in our assistant manager and the senior accountant into her room. And so we were delayed. Our other assistant manager asked the rest of us to go ahead 1st. So the 6 of us all sneaked out... Then it started to drizzle and we had to walk quickly over there... only to realise that they have given up our table since we were late (and also cos we booked with our senior accountant's name and he's still stuck in office and could not answer his HP!)... We waited... and waited.. and waited... Until our 3 mini bosses reach before we finally gotten our table.

Everything afterwards happened very very quickly. My assistant manager ordered food by pointing at ALL the pictures on the menu.

"This one we want 2 sets, this one also 2, this one 1 set, etc..."

Food was served quickly as we gobbled down all the food and left the place in 30mins.

As we reached our office, we hurriedly walked back to our room, scattering ourselves with some going to the toilet 1st, some walking the long way round... But lo and behold, our settlements colleague gushed towards us. She told us that boss came round looking for us THREE TIMES while we were gone for that 1.5hrs. Once our boss even exclaimed, "Where is everybody from the Finance team??!!!!"

Minutes later, my assistant manager received a call... She kena scolded for not inviting her for the lunch... But then... life still goes on... like now... hahaa...