Friday, November 30, 2007

God's Visitation

I had a God moment last night.

It just happened suddenly while talking to my member on MSN and listening to the song on my blog. It's like all of a sudden, God walked into my room...

His presence was so strong that many times I felt like crying even while I was chatting.

Oh how I love such moments. It wasn't really the "best" conditions when He appeared. My tv was on, I was playing Facebook, logged onto my oh-so-forgotten Friendster and generally just chatting. But when He stepped in, suddenly it's like my whole world just slowed down. And so I slowly started to close off the distracting things as He drew close. I switched off the tv, closed all my programmes one by one, just leaving my blog page on cos the song was still playing.

And at that moment, I had an encounter with God.

I closed my eyes are started to fellowship with the One that I love so dearly. When I opened my eyes again, I realised that time just flew by. Though I slept at close to 2am, I was up again this morning just to chat with Him once more. And strangely, I don't feel tired though I slept like only 4hrs.

I love such God moments. =)