Wednesday, November 28, 2007

HP Photos Uploaded!


I've finally uploaded my HP Photos to my bro's computer... Why not my own laptop you might ask? Well cos my wireless have been having problems since Monday! It was having problems just now until I mumbled a prayer that I could get online tonight and it worked!!! God listens to little prayers as well... =)

And so as NOT to miss the kairos moment, I immediately did whatever that needs to be done. Like quickly check all my external emails (my office blocks all external emails cos my boss thinks that with that enabled, we would waste time doing personal stuff in office), search for things online and of course upload my beautiful photos! So now I can finally clear my HP space for MORE photo-taking sessions! Heee...

And I've emailed all my photos to ALL my other email accounts so that wherever I am at, I can have access to them! How cool is that?! Hee...

So watch out for all my long-awaited photo-filled posts, about my D n D, my mystery friend, my company's upcoming Charity day... With all these, so please stay tuned... =)

Alright guess that all for now... Here's your blogger signing off...

Sab =)