Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thoughts on the train...

As I was on the train this morning, the life that I'm living now just ran through my mind. Though I do not lead a perfect life, but after those few moments of doing an audit of my life I'm glad to say:


I may not be leading the kind of life that I dreamt of but nevertheless I'm still glad that I'm not living the kind of life that I detest! =)

Many times we go through our lives regretting of not doing this and that. My life used to be like that too, so much so that after I became a Christian I even wrote a poem about NOT living my life this way. [maybe i should go dig that out and post it here?] Though I do not lead the kind of high-flyers life, staying in BIG houses (not yet at least), working in HUGE corporations that perhaps own several buildings in Singapore (not yet also =) ) but I know that I've not lived my life in vain.

Perhaps to many my life may seem so mundane, being busy with my usual things and my ministry... Like exactly during the Easter weekend next year, my company is organising a FREE trip to Shanghai. I already indicated that I'm not going because how can I not be around on such an important day for CHC? My boss and my colleagues have tried to persuade me to change my mind. Seriously I really wanna go Shanghai and furthermore it's free, seems such silliness to sacrifice that. But I guess to me some things just matter more than others. Sometimes even freebies and money doesn't seem all that important in comparison. And maybe to many that's like losing my freedom. But I guess to those that are not willing to lead such a life, they will never understand the rewards of it as well...

I guess to me life is all about making a difference. Doesn't have to be impacting hundreds all at one go (at least not yet for me) but making a difference to one person at a time per day of my life is enough to bring fulfillment to me. Lots of it actually. This life is too tough to go through it alone. But why do we need to go through it alone when we have Jesus and the Holy Spirit with us?

It's not about being a fanatic... Rather, I just want to make my life count. Even if at the end of the day, all religions and such are fakes and we all just die into nothingness... At least my pre-nothingness counted for those that I've touched.

That is more than enough for me.