Monday, November 26, 2007


I was just surfing Yuzhen's multiply site last night when I heard the oh-so-familiar band music once again. Suddenly it seems like I've been transported back to those times when I was part of DHS / TJC band. All the times that we sent together practising, either sections or combined. How I missed those times... Though many things happened in those days (we were still so young and childish at that time) but it still remains a sweet memory to me.

As I was walking to the CCK station this morning, I suddenly remembered the tune of the song Oregon. What a lovely song! I remember this was the song that while I was in sec 1, my sec 4 seniors played it for their graduation day. And if I'm not wrong we played it for our graduation day also cos we simply loved it to bits! It definitely was NOT an easy song to play given its extremely high notes for my section but nevertheless we would put in many hours of hard work just to polish up our parts...

I missed the sounds of the many instruments coming together all over me as I count the number of rest bars we have. I missed practising on the really nice solos or melodies even though our lips will turn red and maybe even be swollen due to the many hours of practice we put in. I missed the times when we played a piece almost perfectly with all the expressions and emotions that the song was trying to convey. Unforgettable sounds. So different from simply listening to a CD.

I miss playing in the band...

To all my previous band mates out there (who may never ever read this since I dun remember telling any of you about this site), especially my dear DHS friends, I miss us playing together! If there's a chance, let's play together again ok? =)