Monday, November 12, 2007

Blurry-eyed Monday morn...

Have you ever had days where you opened your eyes and all you see is a BLUR in front of you? Even after you put on your glasses or contacts? It's one of those days for me Again... I wonder if it's due to an over-dosage of cough mixture that I drank before I slept last night. Supposed to drink 10ml (if necessary, as stated on the bottle label), but lazy me drank straight from the bottle and when i checked how much I drank... I then realised that I consumed an EXTRA 5ml so I drank 15ml in total! Is this like a hang-over from over-dosage of "drugs"? Hmm...

Looking out of my window now is like watching a movie. There goes my sea and ships and Ferris wheel... Clouds and rain and whatever that makes the sky all dark and gloomy is covering my beautiful scenery... So depressing... =(

Yesterday's fellowship was kinda relaxing to me. I brought Ming Yang and Joy to one of my fave place near my office... Yes this just shows how much I love this place... So much that I wanna show it off to everyone I know AND even bring them to deserted Raffles Place on a SUNDAY! Haa... But it's a great place, I'm sure the both of them agree. And sitting there talking and just looking at the waters is simply so therapeutic. Ok well, even more so when you're having a nice drink with dear ones around you... =) We talked from like 4plus to 7plus man... I think I've managed to rub off my "talking-non-stop" skills to them. No photos for now again as my cam is exploding with little memory left. I AM definitely going to upload my photos on to my laptop and then post it here so that I can start my photo-taking sessions again.

Not forgetting to blog about my NICE dinner and drinks session with my dear dear friend... who strangely told me NOT to mention her name ALTHOUGH she's ok that I put her pretty face here... hee... I've already thought of a way of "naming" you my dear friend.. Just stay tuned... AND I'm not forgetting about working part-time on Project A. ;P

Gerry just shared with me the miracle that her CG recently experienced... How it grew from 12 to 17 and 21 last weekend!!!! I'm believing God for the same to happen to my CG! All the way for Kingdom GROWTH! Our turn will come soon my dears... Just HANG in there and Trust God! =)