Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Feels kinda lost actually after receiving Pst's sms on not having ZM today so that we can visit or follow-up on the nf. I'm going to give BS tmr and meet Gab on Thurs so that leaves me free for tonight... I'll work on the rest in-between... =)

Stayed in office till 8pm! What a feat, 1st time I must say for me... hehe... Hopefully it will NOT be often from now on. Considering that L is leaving but we still cannot find someone to replace her yet. I'll miss her! Tell L we love her, tell L we'll miss her... Hahaaa..... I've decided to sing this song to her on her last day! =)

Tmr LC will be speaking to me about taking over some of L's work. Ah well... Within expectation I guess. :/ So would anyone that is able to work the capacity of Senior Accounts Supervisor PLEASE kindly apply for the position so that ALL of us can go home on time????

Anyway, after work I decided to be a 乖 grand daughter and go visit my grandma. She suddenly had kidney failure last Sunday so was admitted to hospital since then. She looks alright to me, just that her legs are swollen. But I can't say the same for the lady in the bed next to hers. Was kinda scared looking at her. That lady was REALLY white (it's not even fair, it's WHITE)! She really looked like she was so uncomfortable and kept calling out to the nurses to turn her over. I felt to sad looking at her. Oh man.... dun understand why I always seem to pity old folks like her which I feel quite bad about. Cos I always feel that if I were them, I won't want people to pity me. Of which my friends say that I'm so heartless! But I'm NOT!!! Ah well....

So my mum and I left not long after as it was getting late and it started to pour. What a Tuesday... Instead of the usual ZM that I'm usually at.

Oh and did I mention that my bro's not home this 2 weeks? He's having reservist. So his computer is ALL MINE! *muhahahaaaa*

BUT his comp is really S-L-O-W. The only thing good is that it has a mouse. I usually use my own laptop literally on my lap so I do not have a mouse for it... =(

Maybe ONE day I should write about my bro in my blog! Hahaha... I wonder if he talks about me in his! Hmmm... A kinda strange relationship I have with him. Not so close yet not so distant... And his life story is kinda dramatic! Like how he became a Christian, or how his last relationship ended. Of which I think 家丑不可外洋 so I better not anyhow talk about it... I think I only shared in detail what happened with like 2-3 people? It's really like Days of Our Lives with less complications. Material worthy for Soap Opera. I'm really very thankful to God that my own life is much simpler. Cos I'm a simple gal. Has been and always will be! *yeah*

Am going to PROCLAIM: