Wednesday, May 20, 2009

17 May 2009

Location: Amsterdam
Time: 7.50am
Weather: Rainy & gloomy

Yes the most unfortunate has actually happened... Yours truly here missed her connecting flight to Oslo. And because of that, she will reach Oslo like 3hrs later than scheduled and have nothing to do while waiting for the 2nd boarding time.

The security check took the longest time. 1st the guy asked me where I was going and for what. When I told him that it was for vacation and to visit a friend, he asked for an official invitation letter. Like who would write an official letter for this? Hmm... Next he asked for my return air tix and said that 'btw, he's hungry...'
Last question was whether my friend was a boy or a gal, and when I said it was a gal, he wolf-whistled and raised his brows. AND that encounter, cost me my flight.

Not to mention the horrendous 30mins queue as a prelude to this custom check; there's my 3hrs of Oslo...
*sob Sob SOB*

Anyway, I've decided to freshen up and prepare myself for immediate sight-seeing. Bye peeps! =)