Saturday, May 30, 2009


I initially wanted to copy down the various places I went in Oslo down into my notebook during yesterday's lunch time. So that I can accurately relate the photos to their names. And I purposefully brought my borrowed Norway book to work. Or so I thought. BUT ALAS I brought the Dutch phrase book instead! Sigh. Thankfully I brought along my bible.

While I was sitting there, it just felt like sometimes when God wants us to do things that we didn't exactly plan to do, it's amazing how He works. Cos actually many times I brought my bible there planning to read, I was always preoccupied with doing other things, reading other books. And yesterday, I was "robbed" of all my choices. =) Which is totally fine with me, since I must confess that I haven't been very faithful with catching up my bible reading...

Just the day before I was at another place close by and I wrote down lots of stuff that I wanna / have to do. But just sitting there eating and reading, many thoughts crossed my mind.

Like how my meal reminded me of Oslo:

Smoked Salmon!!!

Ok fine, shall stop being lame.

On a more serious note:

- I missed my SOT days. The times when we could praise & worship God daily, feed on His word every single day.

- I missed those times where I attended BS weekly. Those times especially in HW, attending PM's classes was one of my highlights every Wed. I've run out of things to attend now for the time being.

- I missed my Power House times. The place where I learnt to pray and tarry in His Presence.

- I missed my mission trips. Just thinking about them makes me wanna drop my stuff and go...

So many other things just ran through my mind and suddenly this verse that I was reading jumped up at me:

Ezra 3:12-13
"But many of the priests and Levites and heads of the fathers’ houses, old men who had seen the first temple, wept with a loud voice when the foundation of this temple was laid before their eyes. Yet many shouted aloud for joy, so that the people could not discern the noise of the shout of joy from the noise of the weeping of the people, for the people shouted with a loud shout, and the sound was heard afar off."

I remember PZ talking to us from this verse before quite some time back. And a tinge of sadness filled me. Some things may have changed. But I'm determined to get it back again.

For starters, my focus must change. Plus what we've just learnt in SOS just now, I'm definitely on the right track.

Jesus now change me and mould me
That I can be
Evermore true to Thee