Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Hour

I dragged myself up early this morning to pray. Ok well it wasnt as early as what I set my alarm to be, but at least I managed to pray coherently. Hee.

Or at least good enuff to break my shoe. My heel broke when I crossed the road this morning. Thank God there werent any cars, else... I was considering going home to change another pair, but that would mean that I would be super late for work and hence I decided to tip-toe cum limp all the way to office. And hence I ended up wearing my gym shoes the whole day! =) Decided against buying a new pair of shoes for the following reasons:

1) I just bought like 4pairs last week, waiting to be delivered to moi soon!
2) I wanted to bring this pair home for my Oslo trip this sat
3) SO that I can go buy a new pair of running shoes for my gym and use this comfy pair for walking in new ground. Hee.
4) Someone didnt come in today. *whoopie* =)

And almost everyday similar thought cycles run through my head. With the top 2 being "why is it that everyone can go home early while I've tons of ........" and "once again will this be another mth that they b***f me".

*argh* Nuff said for that.

With someone not being around, HAPPY HOUR started after 6pm. Today we had a nice person come make drinks for us. REALLY NICE!!!! Bandung PLUS rum! I really felt that the drink was very light. So light that I initially thought he mixed the Bandung with unwashed blender cos I could only faintly taste some alcohol. But nevertheless to prevent myself from being dehydrated for this sat, I downed almost my whole bottle of water. And when I came back from the loo, I got the shock of my life. My neighbour's face was CODE RED! It sure was hilarious cos few moments ago she was still laughing at another fellow for feeling giddy with 1 cup and here she was ... Hahahaaa..... Nothing happened to yours truly, I've had lots of practice every now and then. Hee...

But well, everyone left after Happy Hour ended at 7plus. While the 2 thoughts still haunted me as I toiled on, this time I was determined NOT to be the last to leave.

And I wasnt. Though I'm still praying hard for this Friday. Please join hands, and pray tog with me right now... Dear God...