Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catch me (online) if you can

Hihi! (this is like their most common greeting here...)

How's everyone back in Singapore? I'm currently updating my blog now cos we just came back from shopping and walking around. Waiting for dinner and going for some drinks later. Having some free time cos the Queen is sleeping (or at least trying to unless she finds my typing too noisy?) Hee... Well, she should not be sleeping at like 5.33pm in the afternoon right? *tsk tsk

Anyway, my Oslo trip is coming to a close. Going to catch the 17.35 flight to Amsterdam (hopefully this time round I will NOT miss my transfer flight back home) tmr and so things are kinda slowing down... ... Unless something interesting happens later when we go for drinks? *hmm

It's been a pretty good break so far. Not having to work or even think about it is in fact a kind of liberation to me. Seen so much and been to so many places over the passed few days that it's kinda sad that everything to going to end in about 24hrs time once I board my flight. But well, of course at the other end awaits my family and friends that I wished some could have joined me on my trip. And other "friends" that would just disappear forever (hahaa, just joking...)

A couple of things that I noticed here:
a) the people here are generally BEAUTIFUL
b) you will see a pregnant lady or a pram once every 30secs
c) trams are CLEAN though you can eat and drink on it
d) most things are really expensive except for clothes and shoes which are relatively comparable to back home
e) sun rises at 4plus am and sets after 10pm (wonder what does winter feels like if spring is freezing, especially when it rains)
f) graffitti are all over the tracks in between the tram stations and some are so amazingly creative
g) everyone loves to have an ice-cream cone or two everyday even though the temperature is usually about 10C to 17C
h) the dogs here are HUGE
i) so are the birds, really scary
j) dogs and bicycles are allowed on all forms of transportation here
k) transport fare is done based on integrity, u can walk in and out of the station & various without showing a pass of any sort until the conductor comes to check, which so far I've not met a single one in 7 days

Hopefully I'll have time on Sun and probably Mon to really pack my stuff and upload my photos here and in FB. If only my humble camera could capture all the sights, sounds and people here. Until then, I need to wake the Queen up for dinner and set off for the night.