Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quality Time

Yes the above is my Love Language. So to let me know that you love me, you must be willing to spend time with me. haha...

Alrite why do I talk about that out of the blue? Well, yesterday I had the opportunity to spend quality time with not just 1, but 2 of my frds. *happie* =)

Though it was really a quick lunch, considering that we spent almost 30mins to find seats and buy our delicious Subway meals; it still was time well spent to me. Sometimes I'm so tired of all the things happening in the "freezer" that I just lunch alone (but in the cool-est place to me). I need time (no matter how short) to recollect my emotions & thoughts, my best soul lunch time.

Dinner was almost impromptu. Dear JenS just sms me in the afternoon and initially I thought it was going to be kinda hard for us to meet up before I fly (she flies off when I return) but we made it happen! =) She brought me to this really NICE beef noodles place across Bras Basah. It was amazing! For $6, I had 12 beef balls in my noodles! 12!!!

HOWEVER, the shop closes really early. We reached at abt 820pm (my bad) and they started to pack by 850pm. I was so hurried in my eating that it was almost like a competition to me man. JenS of course finished before me, and so did the table behind us that came after us. *argh* Well, i'm really trying to catch up. I'm sure my mbrs will agree with me that I'm really trying. =)

And then we went over to Raffles Starbucks. I initially wanted to check my facebook inbox cos I was expecting The Queen to msg me, but my connection failed and so.... we had time to talk. Heh. Time well spent. =)

JenS is really cool man. I was telling her that sat is going to be my 1st time taking a plane alone and you know what is her response?

"Are you for real? I took a plane alone when I was 16!"

Ah well. At 16 I was still a nerd, inside & out. Planes are for parents-sponsored family trips...

The amazing thing with us was actually what brought the 2 of us together. If I'm correct, it should be DBS Hire Purchase & Audio Budget. Haha. Well, one of the things that I get to keep as "souvenir" after no longer being on staff. One of the many things that I will hold dearly to.

Thanks JenS. =)