Tuesday, May 5, 2009


this is another one of those nights where i'm still around in office. but then again, how often am i not in office at 8plus? i'm currently making down the timings daily, just to do a check. i really need to quickly finish my stuff and rush to zm...

in the midst of all the work, there are some thoughts running through my head since morning. i'm tired of status quo. tired of always seemingly breaking through, yet falling back to square 1. tired of trying sometimes. just sometimes, which is like now.

so here are some random words i have to say to some people. you can try to make a guess if i'm talking to you, IF i really am talking to you that is.

to you: please stop apologising when you do not mean it. i'm really quite fine with you telling me the truth. in short - just stop lying to me, to us.

to you: i miss you loads dear! looking fwd to seeing you in 12 days! =)

to you: sometimes i'm really at my wits end on how to help you. i really want to, so please tell me how.

to you: so when are we meeting up? i miss spending time with you, you and you! =)

to you: i do not know where to start to get into your life again. whenever i think of the times we shared in the past, a tinge of sadness always fills me and makes me ask, 'what happened'? is there a way we can go back to where we were.

to you: tks for making me smile. =)