Friday, November 23, 2007

Tea Break

I'm having break now from my "lesson". My dear colleague is leaving so I'm undergoing coaching from her to takeover things from her before we can find a replacement...

Although in the email it seems like I'm only taking over 1 BIG thing, split into several lines, but my notes for it has already spanned over like 6 pages for now. Yet I'm not even halfway through... Oh God, please send all of us here by sending a replacement REALLY SOON!

Talking about tea breaks, i've been having tea breaks EVERYDAY thanks to CSS. Cos out of 9 people in my whole department, only 4 of US didn't get any Lucky Draw prize so my colleague very bu4 gan1 yuan4. He drew up a roster for those who won to buy us tea breaks and hence it increases once again the amout of food we take in... *getting fat* SIGH