Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sending you all off with Lots of Love

Yesterday night I spent close to S$35 taking cab back from the airport. It is definitely my MOST expensive single destination trip. But somehow I felt it was all worth it. Cos I went to send off my dear friends from NEA.

Initially I was really kinda reluctant to go considering their flight was at 1am. I was still thinking perhaps I could just talk to them over the phone. But somehow when I heard her voice, something inside of me just said that I was already on my way, even when she insisted that I not go since I stay at the other side of the island.

So I eventually arrived at the airport at like 10.45pm. So many of the teachers were there to send the group of them off. Out of their group of 8, I only knew 3 of them but it was definitely a worthwhile trip down. We saw CG's gf in real life! =) It's been almost 2 months since I last saw them and it will be at least another 1 yr before I will EVER see them again. So nice to see and talk to them like old friends. They are all so warm and carry such amiable presence...

We ended up spending like close to 40mins just taking photos with like tons of cameras!!! So funny! And CG's camera was a cool black colour! I've never seen a modern camera in that colour and he was like so dignified about it. Ha. 1st time you press, the flash on top flips up and you need to press it again to capture the shot. So funny...

Pity I cannot upload them here. I would love to show them off but well. They will always remain in the deepest part of my heart. The longing to go back will always resonate.

And I miss "my" kids!!! =)

With lots of Love from here,