Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I left office considerably early today, 6plus...

Cos I'm really tired.

Think since Sat night, I haven't actually had the luxury to sleep more than 5-6hrs a day.

And it's REALLY NOT that Sab has been out to chiong. REALLY. NOT.

Somehow things just "pile" up and hence I had to sleep late. Not that I accomplished much also. Plus some unnecessary things are weighing me down mentally.

*why* :(

With the lack of sleep, my mind's grown weaker also I reckon. Keeps wondering off to places that I dun want it to go to.

So many things that I need to do. So little time. Actually it's so little energy (to be exact) to start off what I wanna do.

I'm thinking of crashing now. Then I can wake up early to pray. I need that. Lots of it actually. :/

Nudging the indifference inside me is making me teary again. I need emotional strength. Maybe it's not so bad. Maybe it's just all inside my head. But then again, I never know. Handling things related to that had always been unexpectedly not good.

So brings me back to, I need to pray.

Think I'll fast tmr. And resume my weekly Thurs regime of reading my Bible at One Fullerton Starbucks.

My life is so predictable. I think I'm an easy target for any stalker. *hahaa*

Ok I'm off tangent again. Nvm me...