Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dinner cum Supper

Met Cin last night for a meal since we both worked late yesterday. We were talking about SOT and BS but just one part I thought it's kinda interesting to write here.

By listening to what the students talk about after the lessons, you'll know who taught them in that lesson:

#1: If the students come out and say,
"Wow, I feel that I really need to change my lifestyle. Pst's word brought such great conviction to me."

Pst Kong.

#2: If the students come out and say,
"Wow, the lesson was solid man. Never knew this verse could be interpreted in such a manner. What a revelation."

Pst Tan.

#3: If the students come out and say,
"Wow, I think this is the longest and hardest I've ever laughed for the week man. Laughed from beginning till end."

Pst Ming.

I love them all! :)