Friday, April 25, 2008

Garden Meeting

We had our Garden meeting last night (finally!)... Our last one (at least the one I went) was a long long time ago man. I think it was the time we met at Katong Settler's Cafe.

Original Cast present on 24/04/08:
- Grazz
- Lioness
- Rufu
- LP
- Sab

Original Cast absent:
- Roo (in Sydney: i miss you!!!!! come back quickly my dear...)
- Gardener (in China)
- Doraemon (MIA)
- Snail (MIA for a long long time)

We had our dinner at Thai Express Bistro and ate so much that I could hardly breathe... Ok maybe I exaggerated a little but we were really full... Thereafter they kept talking about going to some dark dark place that I somehow happened to miss while walking there. And when we eventually went there to take a look, not so dark eh... But that place had some weird looking dessert which I cannot recall the name...

So we decided to go Menotti instead (another dark dark place). *hahahah*

The last time I went, it was really dark... But somehow yesterday it was rather bright. And they had some lousy music playing in the background that so distracted me all the time. :(

But the food was good. Lioness and I shared a Sofetial (when gals say that they are full, pls remember that they will somehow have a little bit of space for nice dessert... hehehe) which was really cool! Warm cake with hot chocolate inside plus ice-cream at the side.... *heavenly*

Initially the waiter told us that they would not change our ice-cream to a different flavour under normal circumstances. So we told him to make it special for us and he DID change the ice-cream. So nice of him... :) The rest of the garden ordered a "fermented" looking cake called Morbida (so morbid-considering how it actually looks. hehehe) plus 2 red wine. LP was like, I'm tired so I need to drink. RITE. *hahaha*

And so it was really fun as usual. My dear 27/97. Not even my "real" JC class yet they would so nicely jio me for their gatherings and allow me to be part of the garden. I love you all!!! When Roo and Gardener comes back let's meet again. :)