Monday, April 7, 2008

My usual Mon Morning...

What started out as my usual Mon morning was not so usual after all.

While walking towards the MRT station, I noticed various groups of people trying to hail cabs. Didn't give them much though actually. Until I walked passed the Taxi stand. Never had I seen (in my 11yrs of staying at CCK) soooooooooooooooooo many people queueing at it before. I think a quick estimation of about 50 people would not be an exaggeration. Actually the 1st thought that came to my mind was, how come so many people overslept today? (hahaha... kinda dumb right, but well it's still an early Mon morn to me so my brain was not functioning yet)

But I got a rude shock as I drew near the station and saw throngs of people everywhere. Then I realised that the MRT got disrupted due to an accident. I foolishly still went up thinking that I could take the train from the opposite direction to Marina Bay. When a train approached, hundreds of people pushed their way in only to receive an announcement from the station that both directions were stalled. But no one at ground level told us that and a poor guy complained to me that he had been waiting for 30mins and still is confused as to what he should do. I decided to follow the masses and made my way to take the free shuttle - thinking that it would bring me to Jurong East and only realising that it would only take me to Bukit Gombak when I was about to board it. It was on the bus that another guy told us that he actually witnessed a man jumping off the platform about 30mins ago. My 1st thought was not a compassionate one actually. It was more like, why did he have to choose peak hour and at my station to do it. :/

*sorry God I repent*

To make matters worse, the shuttle bus in front of my bus almost had an accident with a Yellow cab just 1 bus stop away from Bukit Gombak MRT. The taxi driver came out of his cab to pick a quarrel with the bus driver when there were literally a hundred-plus people on the 2 buses trying to make our way to the MRT station. Seriously I had the impulsion to pull the taxi driver aside to get him take a good look at the situation; he was causing a serious jam over his near-accident. The bus didn't even hit his cab for goodness sake...

And so poor us had to walk 1 bus stop to the MRT station only to realise that all train services have already resumed by then. What a waste of time... :(

Hence I ended up being 40mins late for work. And that's my Mon morning...