Monday, April 21, 2008

My 1st cake

I just ate my first cake.

The moment I reached home, my mum exclaimed, "Hey! Do you know that according to the moon, it's your bday today?"

*ok those were not her exact words bu they mean the same thing... :)

"I bought you a cheese cake. Let's take a photo of the cake so we can eat it now."

I'm thinking... Oh so it's my birthday??? Hmm... wait till she know where I just came back from...

2nd thought: I think my mum just wants to eat cake and she found the perfect reason to buy one. I'm not trying to be mean.... Cos my mum's really like that one... :)

The cake looks real cool. But tastes like from neighbourhood stalls alrite.

Thanks Mum! This marks the start for it all...