Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Miss Codes

With reference to my earlier post, I've thought of a way to "contain" my outburst of emotions. Since this is just a seasonal thing that I will eventually get over. I've decided to still post my sappy entries here but in codes (which i think you've to be like God in order to understand, else God gave you the interpretation). Initially I wanted to write in parables but then again, I'm not skilled in that. Then I wanted to be cultured to write in poetry, but that would not aid in removing emotions. In fact I think given the beauty of such writing, more emotions would surface. Hence I've decided to still write in prose. But only the 1st letter of each word. Here's my 1st attempt, and here goes:

s, irt. oo4d, 2oiiawuc. idwamtcfbtsff. inswiftws. btsoetahioatcoi. isfsi. piaabtw. jtnisatmo. mmrraml. minmsaiaa. atwitttstim, m. bnlb, idts. piomtG. bt, iiomtH, iige? isutpnowbbiisd. aliktnotiietdsst, neomb. issacfttmm, itebtit1p. iktoa. itwmm, stbtota? mmfsdtiwm. aifomo. ira. misjstt. fspasttawG. wihtftt?

Actually the above looks kinda cool ya? I'm entertaining myself now. hahaa...

Oh man, i'm getting sadistic. :(