Sunday, April 20, 2008


I left my HP at home today.

Left it on my table after putting on perfume.

But I only realised it when I reached Kebangan. I was thinking, how come it's so unusually quiet this morning... It's already 9plus and yet I dun hear anything from the usually pple that will sms or call me on sunday morns. So I checked my bag and *tada* it's not there.

Actually I realised that it's not such a "handicap" to deal with after all. Guess we're all just too used to having the convenience of a phone with us all the time. I can actually live without it. :)

*like real* hahaha...

Anyway I was right. If I had my HP with me, I would have already gotten 4 smses and 1 phone call by the time I reached Kebangan.

My faithful dear ones. You know who you are... :)