Monday, April 21, 2008

Excuses 藉口


翻著我們的照片 想念若隱若現
Flipping through our photographs, thoughts of [you] are visible yet invisible
去年的冬天 我們笑得很甜
Last year's winter, we laughed very sweetly
看著妳哭泣的臉, 對著我說再見
Watching your tearstained face, telling me goodbye
來不及聽見 妳已走得很遠
[I] have yet to hear it when you've already walked so far

也許妳已經放棄我 也許已經很難回頭
Perhaps you have already given up on me, perhaps it is already very difficult to turn back
我知道是自己錯過 請再給我一個理由說妳不愛我
I know it's all my fault, please give me another reason, say you don't love me

就算是我不懂 能不能原諒我
Even if I don't understand, can [you] forgive me?
Please don't use parting (breakup) as your request
我知道堅持要走 是妳受傷的藉口
I know wanting to go is your wound's excuse
請妳回頭 我會陪妳一直走到最後
[Can] you please turn back, I will accompany you until the very end

就算沒有結果 我也能夠承受
Even if there is no conclusion, I can still endure
我知道妳的痛 是我給的承諾
I know your pain is the promise I gave
妳說給過我縱容 沉默是因為包容
You said [you] gave me tolerance, and silence was because of acceptance
如果要走 請妳記得我 如果難過 請妳忘了我
If [you] want to go, please remember me, if [you] feel sad, please forget me