Thursday, April 10, 2008

One item checked off

Ok, I'm back from lunch! After running errands (I went to collect my driving license!! BUT... my photo is HORRENDOUS... BIG SIGH... AND I just realised that this card format does NOT expire. Which means my HORRENDOUS face will be there for LIFE!!! *faint*faint*faint*), I went to my fave place #2.

Henceforth I managed to check off item (2) from the first list of yesterday! WooHoo!!! I think I will do this once a week. QUALITY reading...

While I was there, I realised that the guy at the table next to me is more POWER man. I was just reading and making mental notes (so that I can internalise it and maybe even blog about it here) of what God is speaking to me, he actually had a notebook to write things down while he was reading his bible. Made me feel kinda 'ashamed' that I'm kinda like lazier than him. :(

Just before I left, a tai-tai looking lady took the table behind me. She's not quite that special but her companion was. It was a really handsome... DOG! (ahem, I purposefully took you all thru that route. hahaha...) Soooooooo cute!!! With a pink scarf tied around her neck (I meant the dog). So docile while waiting for the owner to buy her drink while she had hers too, prancing around the table looking around. I so much wanted to take a photo of her! But I didn't...

Anyway, this lunch did good to my spirit and soul:
- Spirit: Read my Bible (with revelations)
- Soul: Took a walk near the sea... *beautiful*