Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm on mc today...

Took the chance to do up my ICPAS reclassification form and send it out to convert my membership from provisional to non-practising. Yes I know... I took THAT long. Kept pushing it back cos I didn't have the VitM till now. :/

Well, at least I finally have it? :)

Taking my medicine soon. Hopefully I dun knock out then I can embark on my "clearing-sab's-room-floor" exercise.

In case you're thinking that my room is in a huge mess, it's NOT.

There's just 2 stack of A4 size stuff that I need to clear. Paper and books that I need to put away. I have already mercilessly thrown away most of the paper from my table, just need to file away the remaining now. Then I'll have a nice, neat and clutter-free room for the time being.

Until the NEXT "cleaing-sab's-room-floor/table" exercise is necessary.