Friday, May 23, 2008

10 things you never knew about Sab

This was something that came to my mind while I was walking home so it's really quite random...

1. Sab has never had an official "bed". (I've been sleeping on the floor on a mattress for as far as I can ever remember)

2. The 1st time Sab has ever laid hands to pray for an inanimate object... was the toilet bowl. (My fave hair brush fell in accidentally. I was sooooo afraid that it would choke the pipes so I prayed for my toilet bowl)

3. The highest floor that Sab has ever stayed at was on the 31st storey. (My fave place was actually sitting on the window ledge, of course there were window grills. Looking down on the people and cars below is quite therapeutic - they are smaller than toys.)

4. Sab started to learn how to play a musical instrument at the age of 3.

5. There was only once that Sab vomited in public. And all her friends disappeared within 3 seconds. (So much rejection for a 7yr old to bear rite)

6. The 1st house that Sab ever stayed in was big enough for her to practise her NAFA shuttle run.

7. Sab has ever tried to write her own book and it was titled "The Terrifying Murder". (I only managed to write the 1st paragraph and designed a nice cover for it. It's too terrifying for a 12 yr old to write I guess. hahaha)

8. The best time for Sab to pray is actually in the afternoon at about 3-4pm. (Maybe that's why I dun exactly mind having CGM on Sat afternoon)

9. There was once she mistook her brother to be some psychopath trying to "attack" her while she was at home. (He kept pressing the doorbell until it went crazily off-tune and so her mum called the security guard up to "catch"him and then Sab realised that the psychopath was actually her brother)

10. Sab has ever tried to bring someone that dialed her number wrongly to church. (But she failed cos that person refused to meet her in church and she refused to meet him anywhere else. hahaha)