Sunday, May 25, 2008

Service PM - 250508

today's prayer meeting was amazing...

although i've always loved going for prayer meetings (ok maybe not ALL the time) but i always know that it is time well spent. especially when i'm tired, attending prayer meetings always seem to do wonders to counter that.

seeing pst M lead prayer meeting reminded me so much of the times i attended mass bs in hollywood. all the way from CL to LF to VL. i've always enjoyed every single lesson and would be disappointed if for some reasons he could not take the lesson and someone else had to replace him (ooppss). even though i've uni exams the following day, i would still set aside time to attend it especially when i know he'll be the one taking the lesson. hearing his oh-so-familiar Peking duck example also brings me back to my bible school days where every lesson with him is tiring for everyone, especially in the mouth and stomach area - cos we would laugh from beginning till end.

BUT i think the most amazing thing abt pst M is not his ability to make people laugh, but definitely his gift that allows him to be able to connect with people, especially those perhaps not so "old" spiritually. the so-called hard-to-achieve and understand spiritual things would be explained so simply by him, that those spiritually younger would believe that they can do it as well.

so i always know that whenever he is around, it would be a great time where it's not just about having an interesting lesson BUT also one that is power-packed with the presence of God.

today was no exception. although we didn't have the luxury of time like an OPM to really spend a lot of time to worship and wait on God, God came in a great way just like in an OPM. as we were there praying, i really felt that the prayers were spirit-led (except for a particular part where i felt that someone was kinda distracted?). and towards the end, everyone that came to pray had an encounter with Him. at least i know i had.

the thing that i wrote down, will be kept so dear to me. it will be well-prayed thru, till it comes to pass.

God grant me the strength when i grow weary. always remind me of my encounter today that when i feel frustrated with situations and people, let me see them thru Your eyes. let Your love flood my life so that it will overflow to those that need Your love...

so presenting to you my fave pst.... Pst M!!!! (but of course he is ranked AFTER Pst K, Pst T and our dearest Pst Z) ;P