Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gonna Crash

I'm feeling the consequences of working late again. Haven't exactly had this feeling for a long long time. Thought I had seen the last of it but I guess I'm wrong.

When I 1st joined, I literally studied the stuff the previous guy left behind. I still remember telling my friends that he only claims meal & transport allowances like 3-7 days a month (read: he only needed to work beyond 8 or 9pm 3-7 days a month). I was seriously exuberant. And to be fair, I did enjoy a period of such myself too. Until my dear friend left... :(

Not only did I lose a good pal at work (she's still working near me now but we hardly meet), I inherited her work. Then the nightmare begins. With the old-new guy treating here as a transition from work to leisure, the baggage stays...

I think I'm getting too old for this. Anyone out there with any recommendations on a strictly 9-5 job with acceptable pay? Acceptable means pay that rises at the same rate as inflation and costs of living. Preferably it rises fast-ER than the 2. Hahaa... Alrite, I think I'm starting to dream here now.

Know what I really wanna do now? No prizes for guessing.



Was not meant to be a trick question.

Plus during lunch time today I decided to spend some time walking. And hence I walked all the way to Marina Square. Walking is good. Clears my mind. Should find time to do that more often. My mind's still bogged down with something. I just can't seem to shake it away and I dun understand why. :(

Guess I need my "vast space" time again.

My greatest and only consolation. God answers my prayers. In so many ways, God has shown Himself to be faithful and real to me. And so the Word of God is true once again. God's strength is made perfect in my weakness. When I lean on Him, things will fall into place.

A miracle happened 3 weeks ago. May it never stop. As my prayer never ceases, God let Your miracle never cease also.

That vision.

That dream.

I will not let You go.

Till it comes to pass.

Even after it comes to pass.

I will still NOT let You go. :)

Guess what's the 2nd thing that I wanna do?

Find a place with nice ambience and a live band playing soothing music. I miss that.

YZ/Cin, when's our chill-out session again???????

Ok Sab officially needs her sleep now. Tmr the routine resumes, starting with her God time at 630am. *yeah* :))))))

To end off, here's a picture of me and the bday cake that my dears gave me on my bday (please take a close look at the "candle"):

Strangely this photo doesn't exactly look like me, dun you think so? Hmmm.... From a 5mp camera.