Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hati Hamba (Heart of a Servant)

Initially I really wanted to type out the whole song here word by word. But I figured that I will go crazy searching for each and every single character to copy and paste here. So I've decided to wait till someone from somewhere to somehow email it to me and then I will just copy the whole song and paste it here. =)

What an awesome song.

Music just has this amazing ability to bring to life the meaning of words.

I've yet to type the post that I wanted to write about since Tues. Ok actually I wanted to write about it since some time back. But the emotions that accompany the reflections just gets stronger as time goes by. Commented about it at Gerry's site, read various "versions" of it here and there from various ones yet I haven't gotten down to writing my own. Guess we're all in the same flow as we pray more, read the Word more, listen to various sermons and just make simple observations in our present life.

A portion of it can be summarized by 2 words: Holy Dissatisfaction.

Dear ones out there, dun let the seemingly "good" replace the BEST.