Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thank you dears!

First and foremost I wanna thank all my dear ones that spent time with me on my birthday yesterday. Thank you each and everyone!! Beyond all the great gifts that I received, one thing I appreciate the most is when people take time off to spend with me. Guess from this all should know what is my primary love language? :)

*love ya all loads*

Special thanks to the following (in no particular order):
- Pst Z: for agreeing to meet me for lunch though it was eventaully postponed. if u ever happen to read this, i'm really ok with it, lai re fang chang ma... :) for being my spiritual father and though there are almost 100 of us cgls in the whole zone, u'll never fail to sms me every yr on my bday! *so so touched*

- Gerry: for being the 1st to call me though u were still having ZM at 12mn. youth cgls are indeed the most hardworking lot... :)

- Cin: for being the 2nd to call me after mn though our conversation was cut short by ur hp. guess ur battery really tried its best to sustain but... :)

- YZ: for ur incessant "happy bday" song since a wk ago. thanks for the nice shoes & lunch treat from u & cin. makes me taller without paying a painful price for it. cool! :)

- Cyn & Min: for ur smses and trying to date me out albeit i was kinda booked for the day. so when will our "chill-out" with Cin be? :)

- XY: for remembering after all these years... for bringing me to CHC! :) and for the nice poetic book that you will be giving to me. so nice that you bought like 4 copies? :) awaiting for our dempsey road date with W...

- N183: for organising the celebration and for the very nice gift! i love it loads! White & bling bling, nice... :) i know it must have cost u all a lot, really really thank you for the sacrifice... with special special thanks to JD for making the really beautiful card. with all the little squares, i can only imagine how much time u spent to painstakingly paste all 365(!!!!!) of them. not to mention printing our photos, cutting each of the document holders, etc... thanks for all the effort especially when u're having ur exams! (so please please study hard now k) i appreciate every moment u spent on making it... special thanks also to Qi and WY for choosing the great gift! so which of u heard from God about it? :) thank you for organising everything, informing and inviting all the people (to "make" them spend time with me so that I can feel loved. hahaha...) so that the day would be special n memorable for me. thanks for being my Peter/James/John (tog with MY)... :)

- those that are still trying to date me to celebrate my bday for me. we will find a time, i'm sure... thanks for the effort, i really appreciate that. :)

- those that sms me (even today i kept on receiving smses) to wish me happy bday. especially those that sms without the inspiration of Friendster and Facebook like AW & ZQ! *hahaha*

Just thought I should write a post just to thank these dear ones for everything. Will post up some photos and details of what I did and received later.

Once again, many thanks to all my dears!

I love you all loads! :)