Friday, May 2, 2008

Pst Z's birthday celebration

Finally!!! Someone posted the photos somewhere for me to save and keep a copy of it! :)

And so the story begins...

A few of us (a few is quite an understatement) gathered at SingPost on a Sat night at 9pm. Waited for others to joined in our "gang" before we made our way to THE place. So we walked from SingPost to Old Hollywood and waited at the blocks nearby below cos we received news that Pst was delayed in reaching home as he was still talking to Pst T and MH. We were really like some illegal gathering and so we split ourselves to be under 2 blocks instead of just 1. The "procession" there was long and many. Kinda reminded me of the Israelites moving to their promised land.

While we were there, the semi-pro photographer R decided to take out his stuff and snap us with his tripod once again. Which btw where are the photos?? Why is he keeping it all on his desktop?? *hahaha*

So we waited at that place till 11plus, almost finishing all the food that was supposed to be for the celebration later. Actually there was not much to begin with plus we had some vv hungry people like E with us. Scary. *hahaha* Once we received the "green light", once again the Israelites set off to give their beloved Pst a surprised. Hoping and praying REALLY hard that for once it will be a success.

We moved to the lobby and waited once more. A photo of the wait:

We sent all the "big shots" and brothers up 1st. Cos Pst somehow prefers to be in the company of more brothers and hence this photo showed all the rest (which included yours truly - if you can spot me).

We waited and ambushed and finally we succeed!!! :)

We have finally managed to give Pst a surprise after all these years... * hahaha*

Taking photos thereafter was really hard. We just could not find a way to squeeze ALL of us inside the frame. Oh I haven't told you how many of us were there right? Take a look at the below and try counting in it the various shots:

So have you counted? =)
We took the above at some place that's like a function room in his condo. Finally there's aircon!!!
Left that place after 12mn and reaching home close to 1am cos I walked home from some LRT station...
A final word: