Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Cellar Club

If you're looking for a really cool place to chill out, this is a great one. Ok the band might not be that great for Fri & Sat but other than that, the place is a picture or serenity. They have Indoors and Outdoors sitting and the really cool ones are the Outdoors actually. Supposedly they have 2 bands there as well though when I went there on Fri, there was only 1 indoor. The waitresses are really funny. One dear gal tripped over the sofa when she brought us to our seats while another one thought I laughed cos I caught her rolling her eyes at her boss and came over to explain. So friendly ya? Hahahaa...

But a word of caution. Never. Never. Order this drink called "High on Grass". Unless you like to drink and chew grass. Horrid. Here's what it looks like in the "dark":

They literally put grass and blend it into the drink. Plus they stick a few of them at the top of the drink.