Friday, May 30, 2008

Needles Rain

I was walking home from the MRT station just now. The ground was kinda wet but no matter how hard I strained my eyes, it didn't seem like it was raining.

At least not until I took my 1st step out into the open.

I was shocked. The rain was in fact really quite heavy though the droplets were so so tiny like thousands of needles falling on me. This time as I stared up into the sky, I saw the millions of tiny droplets falling all around. I was really getting quite wet as I walked from road to road until I reached another HDB block.

As I tried to strain my eyes to look at the rain from the shelter, once again I could see nothing. It looked absolutely clear. Really strange...

But life's like that sometimes isn't it? Like while we're out there walking, God sends His little blesses all over us. The blessings may not be big or significant, though they may be really small like needles at times but there are millions of them all over us. So although we might not see it with our eyes, as we continue our walk, once again we feel it all over us.

Moral of the story?
Spiritual: See God move not with our eyes but with our heart feel Him.
Natural: Dun think that just because you cannot see the rain, then it's not raining. Always carry an umbrella.

Ok fine, perhaps Sab is thinking too much again. So much insight from some little rain... Unbelievable...