Wednesday, May 7, 2008

DHS Official Website

I chanced upon DHS' official MOE website and found to my utmost surprise this:

I'm sure all Dunmanians would know him. Classic. But so strange that it's HIM on the loading page of the school's official website! Shouldn't it be the principal or something, why our DISCIPLINE MASTER? Supposedly he's retired right? So amazing... He REALLY is the official mascot erhm I meant icon for the school. With his signature mole on the chin with a single strand of hair sticking out. ;P

He's exactly how I remember him from more than 10yrs ago. And this was also how he looked like when I saw him in China Square some time back!

But this picture is really quite something cos it REALLY represents the array of students that we have, ever since my time!

1) Sporty (gal on the left bottom)

2) Nerdy (little boy behind her)

3) Intellectual (boy behind the little boy)

4) Foreigner (gal on the right hind side of Mr Kiw)

5) Prefect (gal on right center)

6) Playful (boy on bottom left)

Oh ya!! There's 1 category missing from the photo from my time: the ah lians / ah bengs.

But do they still exist in this present era?


But whatever category they belong to while they were at that age, most of them are successful people now. Just like yours truly... Hahaha...

Nah, I'm really talking about my friends actually. Even the ex-lians are now rich bankers. Playfuls (they still are now) are big time engineers / entrepreneurs, some even rich enough to take no pay leave to tour UK n Europe for months. Prefects & Intellectuals are of course big time lawyers / doctors now...

So dun see these people like that in this photo now k. 10 yrs later, you might just end up in their office for consultation of some sort.