Thursday, August 14, 2008

620am MRT

Statics of the 620am MRT / Per carriage (JW):
- all seats filled
- 20 to 40 standing after CCK
- 50 to 70 standing reaching JW

Statics of the 622am MRT / Per carriage (BL):
- all seats filled
- 50 to 70 standing after JW
- ratio of female: male = 1:10

Majority of the people standing at the door and blocking you from going in at JE, actually only alights at BL... Sigh...

Must everyone be so aggressive and in such a rush so early in the morning? Is it a "Singaporean" thing or an "Asian" thing since many of the people standing there are not locals...

A thought: In conclusion, I feel that the MRT is generally packed since 6am till after morning peak hours which is like at least till almost 10am. Evening trains are also packed, from 5plus till almost mid-night. Then why is it that our transport providers still hint that they are unable to cover their costs and demand a price hike again?? What kind of ridership would be considered "optimal" for good profit-making (oopss I meant "break even")?

disclaimer: anything mentioned above is purely the thoughts of yours truly. it's purely meant to be thought-provoking. nothing more.