Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 1 of 10

Didn't exactly sleep soundly last night. Guess I was kinda excited about what was ahead.

Unfortunately, my tu-ing skills still got the better of me. Woke up at 5.15am BUT only managed to leave 1hr later. Ended up being LATE though I went to JW! =(

I will try to be earlier tmr!!!! AMEN!!!

Anyway, was rather surprised that there were LOTS of people already there. Though I guess everyone went for different reasons, I'm sure if the heart was anywhere near where their bodies where, they would have been blessed.

Initially was not so easy going for me. As I was late, I had to look for a suitable spot with JD. When we finally settled down, was kinda discouraging seeing the people around me. The lady beside me was REALLY TRYING her best to stay awake. *kudos for her effort*

The 2 SOT students in front of me were well, looking around and shaking their legs. Frankly whenever I see SOT students not engaging, I feel a little "angry". They are wasting what would have been the best moments in their life! The very reason why they came all the way here, whether they paid on their own or someone sponsored them, YET.... Why like that? =(

Anyway, WHEN I finally got passed all these, I got into my usual PH position. It was only half-way through all the praying that I finally "lost" myself. Suddenly it seems like I was transported back to HW. The familiar red chairs, the faint music at the back, the fervent people all around.. That was where I started, that will be where I will remain in my walk... The reason why I'm doing what I'm doing now - it all started from that place. Where I learnt to tarry, How I learnt to hear, When I learnt to delight, Since the very beginning.

Session ended with a simple worship which was my all-time fave song - Glorious Redeemer. This song never fails to bring such gratitude in me that tears will flow freely cos I know that Someone paid for me to be FREE.

As the journey continues tomorrow, would you be there with me?
SingPost this time. Cya! =)