Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 5 - 8

Just when I thought I'm getting used to waking early, I realised that it still takes a lot out of me to drag myself out of bed.

Not that I'm not looking forward to the morning prayer meets, I really really am. In fact I think I'm one of the more motivated ones? Hehhee....

If I thought Day 1 - 5 was good, I was under-estimating our Almighty God again.

Mon @JW proved to be great. I went to my usual seat (center slope, choir side, 3rd row from the back, 5 seats in. Yes I sit here ALL THE TIME when I go JW! :) and assumed my usual position. Immediately I entered into the flow of prayer. One thing that deeply touched me was when they played one of our recent worship songs in Chinese. I teared immediately thinking of my trip last year. Oh how I miss that place, those people, the privilege to make a difference. Excitement arose while I prayed for them, for myself to be able to go there again. To see those whom God loves dearly, that He had to create sooooooo many of them! =)

Tues @SP was great too! Though I must say that people in JW were more prayerful (this is PURELY my own opinion, cos everyone that made an effort to go is already very commendable! :), presence at SP was good also. Standing there, I was touched when I began to pray for my dearest zone. Prayed for my dear Pst, for some of my dearest friends, for my own members and I started to cry. There is so much more that we want to do, so much more that we can do. Use us God! Let the works of our hands begin to prosper, that we would be pleasing in Your sight.

Today I went back to JW. Well, I've always preferred there cos I guess this was the place I had most of my encounters. But today was MUCH MORE crowded than any of the other days. My usual seat was still available of course, since I reached at 650am. =) BUT there were people sitting on both my sides, unlike my usual where I had at least 1 seat in between me and any other people. So being the conscious me, I stood up to pray instead of kneeling cos I dun really like the fact that people might be tuning in to what I'm praying about. Hee. Perhaps because it wasn't my usual position, I experienced an extraordinary moment.

Mon I was touched by my memories of my trip and that special place. Tues I was touched by praying for my zone and my CG. Today, it was just about Him. The focus today was on Him and me. God my Abba Father. Spending time with my Father is all that matters to Him, and that should be all that matters to me. Not about what I do to serve Him, it's simply about loving Him enough (alone) to wait on Him. Nothing complex or tiresome or difficult. That at the end of the day, God is reminding me once again that like how I began, this should be how I remain. I started off my journey because He 1st loved me and I ended up loving Him, not for blessings, not for success, not for recognition, not for anything. So this is how my walk should remain.

You alone are More than Enough for me.

Anticipating Thurs!!!

Thinking of going to JW on Friday, so I just might go SP tmr. If fate allows, I'll see you there. =)