Friday, August 1, 2008

Eventful Lunch Break

Once again today I had the privilege to lunch on my own... =) Such alone times are cherished by me!

I decided to take a bus over to MS to walk around a bit and hopefully spend off my Espirit voucher. Though the bus took a rather long time to come, but everything thereafter took off pretty well. Feeling REALLY hungry, I went to the food court for my meal and found a HUGE table waiting for me. Didn't need to search around for seats though it was crowded at the peak of lunch time.

Walked around and eventually bought something with my voucher!=) Only paid S$7 for a nice Espirit t-shirt!!! Hee...

Time flew passed by then and so I took a slow walk back to office. Went through the Esplanade and Fullerton as I walked. The weather was FINE! Sunny yet tremendously windy. Walking by the bridge linking Esplanade to Fullerton was a really enjoyable moment. With the Sun, the Sea and the nice Breeze, what can go wrong?

To add to my joy, I saw this when I passed Fullerton:

I was ESTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life was never the same ever since my nearest one closed down several months ago. Till now I still miss my Ultimate badly. Not to mention the serenity and ambiance...

Hence in the near future, my 2 fave HOT & COLD coffee places will be within walking distance from my office. AND both will offer GREAT views being just next to One Fullerton. *woohoo*

Continuing my walk across the road, I passed Fullerton Hotel. Today's "view" was GOOD.

There were 5 nice cars that I spotted as I passed the back entrance; a nice white Mitsubishi Racer, a nice grey Jaguar, a nice Black BMW Racer, a nice Black GTR Racer and finally a nice Black BMW Convertible Racer. What a sight man!

I so much wanted to take a photo of all the cars but I was afraid the security would chase me away and ban me from every entering that place again and so I restrained myself...

Next time... I will whip up my cam and faster than you can say, "HUH!" I will capture a shot of the splendid array of cars on "display"... =)

Till next eventful lunch time...