Friday, August 8, 2008

I miss The Queen.... 2

Suddenly I miss you, the Queen. And you only just left on Tues?!?!?! =(

My future days are not going to be the same for the next 2 years...

Wherever you are is soooooo far away! Netherlands? Norway? Neverneverland? Or where Santa stays? (heee)

Things I'll miss my dear Queen for:
- our dinner / movie dates
- our impromptu meet ups
- your companionship that never fails to brighten up my rainy days
- your simplicity in material things (or the tendency to not pursue them in contrast with me...)
- your courage to just drop everything to go after your passion (your poor mummy)

In just ONE word: YOU

I MISS YOU!!! =(

- Dark-skinned with beautiful eyes (Hermia... wherefore thou art Lysander? heee....)
- Choir member that hates singing (????)
- 1st person I know to practise Hot Yoga
- Been travelling to school with me for 4 years (Sec3, Sec4, JC1, JC2)
- Took 2 years to finish writing my autograph book and covered most of the pages...
- Debated with me as to whether people who go for gender-change are actually h-o-m-o-s... (i still think they are!)
- Engineer to be Pyscho-logist =)

So if you spot her, PLEASE let me know. :/


Anonymous said...

Norway is not so far away ... come visit !

I can´t believe you still remember how long I took to write your autograph book! *jaw drops*