Monday, August 25, 2008

The many 1st times for today

Today. Out of the blue. My CEO decided to give a treat to a few of us. 2 from FD (cos LC is on MC) and 2 from SD, plus my boss of course. I was the smallest "fry" there lo...

We went to a Jap Restaurant at Tanglin area. All I can say is, the food must have been expensive. I estimate that it costs at least S$100 PER HEAD.

We ate the following:
- Puffer Fish (2 plates)
- Nato (2 plates)
- Assorted Sashimi (individual portions)
- Fried baby prawns (2 plates)
- Fried crab craw (1 each)
- Kinky fish (2 plates)
- Sweet corn (1 comb each)
- Individual Set Meals (I ate Cod Fish! Very nice!!! =)

So why do I say the meal costs so much? Because:
- Puffer Fish is poisonous. Only licensed restaurants can sell them and there are not many in Singapore.
- Assorted Sashimi which includes salmon, shell fish, tuna and 4 other unidentified fish. I'm guessing each portion costs S$25?
- Kinky fish is only about 6cm each yet they costs S$12!!!
- Premier Jap restaurant selling sweet corn? I dun think they sell it cheap.

The many 1st times:
- 1st time having lunch with a CEO (didn't have such opportunities for all my previous jobs, at least not in a group of only 6 pple)
- 1st time taking a CEO's car (BMW M5 I think)
- 1st time taking a car that has a REAL chauffeur
- 1st time eating Puffer fish
- 1st time eating the fried baby prawns
- 1st time eating kinky fish
- 1st time eating Jap sweet corn
- 1st time being introduced to my CEO which means that now he knows my name!

When we reached office, my CEO then offered us Handmade Dark Chocolate Truffles which taste H.E.A.V.E.N.L.Y.

And then unknowingly, my colleague went to buy donut tea break for us. So... I'm kinda bursting now.

Thank God I'm going gym after work! =)