Friday, August 22, 2008

frankly speaking, i wasn't quite looking forward to the sot grad this Sunday initially.

cos it's always a very very very very very very very very very very long service. and i do not have close friends there this yr so it's gonna be kinda normal for me. UNTIL.

wed i was at jw for the morn prayer meeting. this particular guy went on stage to pray in Chinese for pst. i almost could not believe my eyes. he looks so familiar. yes. he was from that class i taught when i went for my NA trip last year! i still remember where he sat in that class, who was sitting beside him.

excitedly i sms-ed cyn to ask if she knew he was there. she said besides him, the cute uncle is also here!!! i immediately msn XL when i went back to office. she told me that out of the class that we taught, there are a total of 4 of them here this year, and a total of 9 (!!!) of them from there in sot!!! and i only found out like 3days before their graduation???

anyways. so i'm excited now! even if they do not recognise me, i know them. my students from NA. =) and they are here to study in SOT! and so cyn n i are going to look for them this sun after their graduation. gg to get them to pass something to XL also. and not forgetting our dear lanyi...

*i can still vividly remember that cute uncle! with a big heart that loves God...*

God.... pls let me go for my NEA or NA trip in Sept. AMEN.