Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 10

Finally. We've reached the end of our 2weeks of morning PM. Seriously. I'm starting to miss it NOW. I miss the Presence of God.

So many things happened during these 10days. So many things that I prayed for. So many times that I cried when I prayed. Whether it is touched by God, burdened by the people that I was praying for or cos of somethings that happened... At the end, I still declare that God is Good! =)

Let me just list down the things that I experienced TODAY. There are too many if I were to start from Day 1.
- i prayed for EVERYONE in my CG and ALL of my close friends (so if u think u're my close friend, ya i prayed for you! hahahahaa)
- i saw a vision of someone. never seen that person before, so i really dunno who is that or why i saw him.
- God reminded me of what He once told me a long long time ago... Yes God, I still remember... I will always remember...
- Even before I read the prayer list or received the last sticker for today, God already impressed this verse on my heart the moment I knelt down to pray - Gal 6:9

Last but not least, the ONE thing that is impressed on my heart in these 10days: God treasures the moments that we set aside to spend with Him. A LOT. I will treasure it much much more from now on.

May my encounters NEVER cease...

My Father, my Friend, my Guide, my Comfort, my Lord, my All.

I love you Dad!