Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Frankly, I was kinda reluctant to watch this movie initially. I'm quite skeptical of movies which have to use "such" posters to draw in crowds. According to Jean Danker on Class 95 "I know nothing about the movie. But seeing the posters, it's reason enough to go watch it." Seems more appealing to the "bimbotic" ones (I'm NOT saying that Jean is) and I've always begged to differ... =)

But I succumbed to it eventually since we had no other plans and I went to watch it with a few of my members. Before I give my views on it, here's roughly the storyline:

In the dark criminal world of Seoul, U-min (Song), Cheol-jung (Kwon), Do-wan (Kim In-kwon) and Yeong-hwan (Ji Sung) are close friends in a gang. One day, with the help of an older member Gang-seop (Ahn Nae-seong), U-min, Cheol-jung and Do-wan attack the gang's casino so they can start new lives. But their plan goes awry when Cheol-jung betrays them, and U-min goes to prison. He becomes the scapegoat to save his friends' lives.

After serving his time, U-min wants to stay out of trouble but is drawn back into the underworld when he sees what has become of his friends: money and power-hungry Cheol-jung continues to betray others as he climbs up the gang ladder; Do-wan is a drug user; Gang-seop is missing; and his girlfriend Eun-yeong (Park Han-byul) has left him to run a bar as the boss' mistress.

As U-min tries to solve the situation, however, unfortunate twists of fate set off one misunderstanding after another. To make matters worse, the mob boss and right-hand man Yoeng-hwan get them involved in a huge drug deal. Once again thrown into a game with high stakes and big cash, the once best friends must fight one another for their lives.

In my words: The whole movie basically only has 2 females. The rest are all males. ALL. And the 2 females are both hostesses so it gives a kinda chauvinistic feel... *hehehe* Lots of action from beginning till end but I feel it's kinda simplistic. They fight all the time, but with their bare arms or really simple weapons like knives and baseball bats or broom handles. Acting is not bad though out of ALL the MANY males inside, there's only ONE cute guy. To me at least. =) And he's the unexpected bad guy at the end.

In short, everyone who plays lead or semi-lead died. Or will be locked up somewhere in a rehab center. And the cute guy makes off with tons of money. Movie ended with a scene from the past. Where relationships were pure, friendships were genuine. I guess this part connected with the viewers momentarily making them think about the relationships they had in schools. How things change when people grow up. So true. But thankfully many of our lives would never be as "eventful" and action-packed as theirs.

If you like male-dominated movies or think that Korean guys are cute, this is the movie for you. =)