Monday, March 24, 2008

Cash Studio Family KTV

Yesterday aft svc, a few of my dear members and his friends went for a KTV session (with me of course).

It wasn't planned at all, totally impromptu. And we landed up at the place where his friend is so addicted to ever since the 1st time WY brought us there.

Was kinda fun though. Hearing all the Jay Chou fans screeching to hit the high notes that their idol eases into. Hahaha... I had my fair share attempting to sing 珊瑚海with WY. It's MADNESS!!!! How can anyone sing it at that key????

Kudos to Cin and Weiren for singing it during our last KTV session together, where they celebrated their last V-day together as singles (there's an oxymoron here once again. hahaa... ok rite, not funny. *shrugs shoulders*)

Anyway, I attempted something I haven't done before. I actually sang an O-L-D Cantonese Leon Lai hit. So brave yah? Hahhaa... Maybe I should start listening to more Cantonese songs so that I can WOW audiences the next time I go KTV. And I think I'll stick to singers with ranges that I can hit before the spectacles of the people I go with all crack due to the croaking...