Friday, March 21, 2008

I miss...

Reading Gerry's post, I came across a small little picture with a tag : "the playground that Sab and I prayed one afternoon after SOT".

Woh I tell you, suddenly tons of memories for that place flooded back into my head man... If she didn't write that down, it would have remained buried somewhere in my brain together with the other memories.

Oh I miss that place (JW on the whole especially my SOT times there):
- early morning PA during those stipulated weeks where we have to reach sch at 8am
- early morning praise and worship (does lots of good for the spirit & soul)
- "meaty" lessons where we studied all the "-logies"; theology, christology, demonology, etc... not forgetting combing through the Old and New Testament
- rushing out during the short breaks to gulp down a whole cup of hot soup which I'm ALWAYS the slowest to finish no matter who I was drinking it with
- leading prayer focus in the Artiste Room on afternoons which I do not have tuitions
- climbing the stairways to heaven after service every week
- giving BS to mbrs along the fountain and straining to let them hear me when we're at the 4th floor or rooftop

So many other memories there, too many to list down... Oh and not forgetting the 1st thing I did when I went to JW for the FIRST time: cleaning the interiors of all the lifts and mopping the surrounding floor area... hahaa...

*Sab snaps herself back into the real world*