Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Chicken and Duck Talk

Recently I overheard 2 interesting conversations:

Scenario #1
Mum: see the guy there, he's dead already.
Dad: ya I know, do you have to say it every time you see this advertisement? think it's the 3rd time you're telling me already.
Mum: oh is it? he died young la.
{tv at this point shows the birth and death year of the guy: 1960-2006}
Mum: wow... he died so young. 40plus or 50 i think.
Dad: oh really, how old? 46?
Mum: i think 56.
Dad: no la, younger i think.
Mum: is it? I saw 1990 - 2006 eh.
Dad: huh? where got so young? 1950 - 2006 right? so should be 46.
Mum: yes la, 1960 - 2006.
{takes out a calculator to count}
Mum: oh... 46 years old. so wasted.

While listening to them, I cannot help but laugh out loud!!!! They were talking about all different things to each other at every single sentence, yet they seem to understand each other perfectly?

Scenario #2
A: oh hello, going to the market?
B: yes... *smiles*
A: so which stall do you usually buy your prawns from? the 1st or the middle one?
B: oh, i usually buy from the last stall. cos they plant it themselves do you know that?
A: oh yes yes... eh plant?
A: then what about prawns?
B: *silence*
A: the prawns from the 1st stall are very expensive you know?
B: hmm....
{life door opens at this point}
A: bye...

Strange how people can hold conversations like that... Makes me REALLY think if I'm really understanding what others are talking about...