Monday, March 3, 2008


We had the privilege of having F.I.R. with us over the weekend.

They were simply amazing... They attend church activities 6 times a week! And on the remaining day, they spend time with their friends to reachout to them.

*wide-eye amazed*

I tried to take pictures of them but due to the lousy resolution and un-zoomable hp camera of mine, the pictures look kinda pathetic. I will try to upload them if they look decent after I transfer them from my hp into my laptop.

But one thing that Ah-Qing said struck me.

He says that although after being a Christian, it may seem that we have "lost" our freedom and our time. But in the midst of that disciplined lifestyle, we then find true freedom and make better use of our time which we would have normally wasted away to accomplish more things.

So amazing to hear that from someone that just got saved about a year ago, while long-time believers still seem to struggle with this oh-so-often.

The AMAZING God we serve! =)