Sunday, March 9, 2008

My heart is yearning to be in Your Presence once more

Today we sang a really old worship song.

Having gone through what I had these few days, I thought I had come to a place where I ran out of tears. But the Presence of God overwhelmed me when we sang that old song.

Truly how Great is our God.
Though many times I came to that place where it seems impossible for me carry on, God there's so much more that I want to give to You.
God reign in me again.

I went to Vivo after service with a few of my dear ones. I just needed to get out of the city clutter to go to a place there is just vast "emptiness". We went to Pacific Coffee. Failing to get the nice Al Fresco seats, we settled for an indoor spot near the "window". Staring into the vast "emptiness" made me feel so much better. My thoughts seemed to clear up from the clutter / confusion it was in instantly. Maybe it's psychological, but at least to me it works and that makes me happy. =)

Haven't had time to "sit and stare" in a long time... And I brought 3 dear ones who so nicely accommodated me. =) Basically going all the way there and do "nothing" but drink coffee and engage in non-mental-stress talk. Cos I wore my 4-inch wedges there so cannot shop... :) Good stuff for my soul. I wonder if they know how much that actually means to me...

*thanks my dears*

And it's always so much fun hanging out with them! Makes me forget reality just for that few hours we were there. Took some nice shots of myself and some funny pictures which I'm told that I cannot upload here. (I'm a woman of my word.. ;P) Not to mention that I actually got a Grande cup of drink though I paid the price for a Tall instead. And to quote what I told MY: "I cannot help it, since I'm pretty... " Hahaha....

Feeling much better now. Vast improvement.

Reign in me God as I come back to reality. I still believe that You are a miracle-working God.