Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Photo Updates... (be prepared for tons of it)

Okie everyone, I will just upload whatever nice and memorable photos that I have finally transferred here from my HP with little tags as description. I will try to re-arrange them as much as I can in a while. So mean time for all, please enjoy! :)

Just before they turned off the lights for our D & D

D & D - My FC (she sneaked in and scared us both), Me and Sock Yea

D & D - Me and Sock Yea (we quickly took this when our FC left cos she kept wanting to take with us)

My drink - Peach Daiquiri from Hog's Breath

Our drinks for the night

Me and my drink. Real potent.

Pretty Fang Lei and The Queen

My new fridge!

I LOVE this sign!

Poster for Charity Day 2007. Doesn't the boy look a lot like Alan Chan?!?!

Decoration for Charity Day

Our play-package for the Day

CNY - My bro / cousins / uncle

CNY - uncles

CNY - crowded 39 people in a 4-room flat

CNY - dinning table

CNY - crowded!!!

CNY - crowded dinning room shot (2)

OPM - it's already 4plus am at this time

Menu for my co's CNY lunch. I stole this shot without anyone realising it!

The new Timbre at Raffles - the band there was not too good that night

Esplanade - The Drummer

Esplanade - The Grand Pianist (not referring to myself)

FIR (1)

FIR (2)

Vivo - Pacific Coffee (my dear Judy loves this pict)

Vivo - Pacific Coffee (look at my dark eye rings?!)

Vivo - Pacific Coffee (a shot from my mbr's HP)

Some piggy game that Jen, Nat & I played (I miss hanging out with them!)

KTV with MY & Kenny

Sue / Min / Me (seriously cannot remember the occassion for this photo-taking)
And I realised that I missed out putting up my Blood Donation photo. Will remember to put it here the next time I use my lappy. :)