Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy that I'm part of the 10% targeted...

Initially yesterday after prayer meeting, I was still considering where should I go...

One of my dear members said that my black eye rings are very dark so I should go sleep... =(


Then suddenly a group of CGLs walked passed and asked me if I wanna go for Blood Donation. And I thought, if I can make it in time why not? =)

So we made our way there..... BUT to the wrong CC. Apparantly we're NOT the first cos the people in the office were really fast to ask if w're going for Blood Donation. Hence we see the importance of the little word "South".

Finally made it there in time and realised that they still did not stop people from donating even after 4pm. So lesson learnt, next time can just go if you're not too late... =)

Took a nice photo of myself with the bandage. hehee... shall post it here once I load it into my comp (tog with the rest of the MANY photos in my hp. hahaaha....)

But now I dunno whether my left arm feels weak cos of my fall or due to the blood donation...